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Noccioliva from Il Colle del Gusto

Noccioliva from Il Colle del Gusto

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Smooth Hazelnut Chocolate Spread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Italian extra virgin olive oil enhances this silken chocolate hazelnut cream, lending incredible smoothness and luster while allowing rich chocolate flavor and roasted nut aroma to shine through.

How to use

A baker's essential, Noccioliva is wonderful baked into bread pudding, added to pastry cream to fill tarts or used in the base for a soufflé. For a simple dessert, serve a bowl of Noccioliva with fresh and dried fruit and biscotti for dipping.

Read about how author and food blogger, Elizabeth Minchilli discovered and fell in love with Colle del Gusto's Noccioliva.

About the producer

In 2012, Antonio della Corte was creating sweet mixes for gelaterie and pastry shops and Anna Maria Conti was running a farm, bed and breakfast a few miles north of Rome. In a blend as natural as chocolate and hazelnut, the two combined their talents to produce a line of spreads made with Anna Maria's own extra virgin olive oil and nuts grown on friends' farms. We met the couple (partners in business and in life) at the farmers market in Rome just three months after the launch of their delicious creations, and we loved the spreads so much that we decided right there and then to bring them back for you.

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