About Us

Terri and Paul Karlsson

Terri and Paul Karlsson – wife and husband team of 33 years. We both have had varied and interesting careers, but we both enjoy small business in which we get to connect with our wonderful customers. Terri had a career in a Fortune 100 company before becoming involved with forming and managing nonprofits. Paul is a retired Naval Aviator and a former global consultant for a Fortune 100 company. We’ve had a cabinetry, remodeling and residential general contracting business for several years and have worked together to beautify the homes of others as well as our own. We both continue to be involved in the musical arts both professionally, and as volunteers, and we are passionate supporters of the arts. We currently invite guests to our mountaintop home Boulder Ridge in nearby Pisgah Forest (located in the “Land of Waterfalls”) where there is a bed and breakfast suite. We live in these beautiful mountains with our three rescue doggies and enjoy meeting our many guests at the B&B and customers at the Tree and Vine, many of which quickly become friends.